Sunday, February 1, 2009

This one is special !

This post is for a very special person but without a special reason or occasion. My brother.

He was around from the day I was born, being 2 years older than me. My sudden intrusion into his peaceful world was not appreciated a lot in the beginning (I hear that from mum) but slowly he got used to me being around. He has always fit into the image of a perfect elder brother. I have this faint memory of him pillion riding me around in his 3 wheeler bicycle when I was 3 or 4. What I remember the most is fighting with him.:) I remember how everyone kept telling him that I was his younger sister so he should never hit me when we have a fight, and how I almost never missed a chance to hit him resting assured that he won’t hit me back. I wasn’t always right! ;) we had a lot of fist fights as kids . But as I think of them now, I cherish them as a part of growing up.

I must admit I was a pretty difficult sibling to grow up with and quite irritating too.:) I have always been the one losing my temper, being stubborn, screaming, demanding. I remember the time when we moved to the new town and I couldn't’t make any friends and how I used to tag along with him on his bicycle and force him to take me to his friend’s house to play with them. I remember teasing him for being fat till I turned into a walking potato myself and I must admit that he never teased me half as much as I did.:) The fist fights stopped after a certain age, but then started the verbal arguments. Lolz. I must be honest enough to accept that I played the devil most of the time and started the fights. My brother has always loved to tease me, and I always retaliated and that has always made him want to tease me even more..he he..After having those really bad fights I would declare that I wouldn’t tie him a rakhi that year and I didn’t want the rakhi-money either (that was the difficult part!;) )..

Time really flies and before I realized it was time for him to join college. When my brother left home, for the first time in 16 years was I alone at home. The feeling of not having someone to fight with was terrible sometimes but I always felt I was strong enough to not tell him that I actually missed him being around, missed fighting all the time. I am accepting it today, for the first time. When I joined college, my brother was around to help me. It’s the best thing one can have away from home. I made him pay many of my mess bills and he gladly did that for me with money from his account. That was really sweet of him. ;)

He has always been there at every step in my life advising me what to do. He has been the ‘caution bell’ in my life which always rang at the right time but I somehow always managed to miss all the ‘caution bells’ successfully and I really have no explanation as to how I managed to pull that off! Lolz. But I want to tell him that everything he says means a lot to me. I would like to divide my reaction into 3 stages- comprehend, contemplate, and execute. I comprehend them very well, I contemplate on them a lot but I somehow (without fail) fail to execute them.:-D hehe..

I can’t thank god enough for giving me such a wonderful sibling. Dear bro, I want to tell you that except for that one time in my life (you know when), I have always tried (I stress on the word ‘tried’ ;) ) to listen to what you say and I have always loved you for everything you have done for me. You have taught me a LOT of things and I hope to learn a lot more:-D I feel so very proud to have you as my brother.


Ragamalika, Malik, Rags, wateva! said...

Siblings are special, especially the irritating little sisters. I'm sure your brother would agree :P

ruchyk@ said...

:) whatever ragamalika;)

jayant said...

Sibling fights, especially those between a responsible brother and a devilish sister, are the cutest to reflect upon.
Probably I would never understand what that means because I don't have a sister(and fighting physically with my elder brother hasn't bought me pleasant returns!). However, now that my brother's married two months back, I try to have my share of sibling fights with my bhabhi :)

Good to see you back

zerokool said...

nice one!

Raspal said...
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Raspal said...

Nicely written !!:)